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Relationship between the product and the environment

Guide 7 th grade technology education

unit: relationship between product technology and the environment

All human activity involves some environmental impact. The truth is that this impact can be produced at different stages of life cycle of a product.


Every day we use many objects such as clothing, furniture, books and tools. What are facts? Cotton, wood, paper and various types of metal. Our planet Earth is filled with different materials, they are built with equipment and tools.
thousands of years ago, few materials used: stone, wood, animal horns and skins. Later, our ancestors discovered how to use cotton, coal and oil, which is also found naturally on Earth. Over time Humans have learned to use natural materials to make new ones, such as glass, paper and plastics.
All materials we produce are called artificial materials. Natural Resources

Natural resources are the elements of nature as material and energy sources that society uses to meet their needs. Also, these resources can be used as raw materials for other products or for other forms of energy.

are classified into two groups

Renewable resources: those that are regenerated under suitable conditions in the short term and in which society can intervene to reproduction. These include flora and fauna. Traditionally
are goods of the globe that do not exhaust such as air, animals and plants and either by themselves or with the help of man. These are characterized
are regenerated through natural processes so that their use does not imply an irreversible decline if the rate of consumption does not exceed the rate of formation of such action.
However, the misuse of these resources can lead to such critical conditions that will become impossible to play, such as the destruction of forests, which results in not only the reduction or depletion of water resources, but also the erosion and destruction of soil resources, without which plants can not reproduce and therefore tends to wildlife extinction.
of forest resources (trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses) get wood, oil, fiber and medicinal substances that facilitate daily life.

non-renewable resources, is characterized by a long time to form or regenerate them society does not participate for renewal.

goods are those that exist in the globe in limited quantities. Most are minerals such as oil, gold, platinum, copper, iron, natural gas, coal.
The exploitation of these has been producing its decline, which results in effects on economic, social and environmental.

minerals are nonrenewable resources that are derived from the lithosphere, through mining. It is currently operating a wide variety of minerals such as silver, gold, copper, zinc and manganese, among others. Are exploited for jewelry, crafts, coins and many industrial uses.
Oil is a nonrenewable natural resource, raw material from the subsoil and of great value for technology development and industrial. Has gradually replaced coal, becoming the main source of energy.
In oil refining, the company gets many products such as cooking gas, gasoline, diesel, oils, asphalt, paraffin, plastics and textiles.

Within the natural resources and materials we can distinguish those who call energy resources.
In our daily life we \u200b\u200buse several types of energy resources. An energy resource is one item that is in nature and that, by burning or conversion can produce some energy. These resources are used to solve human problems and do so pleasant and comfortable life

remedial technologies and sustainable development.

Technical development generates the need for a Comprehensive Environmental Management System, which operates on the waste to protect air, water, soil and natural resources. New technologies
corrective end-of-pipe pollution (EOL) pursue pollution prevention at source for industrial processes and green products.
The model of "sustainable development" seeks to obtain goods and services needed to improve the quality of life, without reducing the resources Nature and without negative consequences for the environment.
Sustainable development is a process of change that encompasses political, economic, technological, social and ecological.


materials are known as raw materials extracted from nature or obtained it and is transformed to produce consumer goods
These raw materials can be classified follows.

The raw materials of plant and animal under a renewable natural resource and are of mineral resources nonrenewable.

From raw materials to processed materials
Some raw materials such as wood or marble, can be used directly. Other commodities are subject to complex processes of transformation, as the alloy, the * * merger or distillation, thereby providing processed materials used in the production of different objects or items. Some examples of materials developed are glass, * PVC and steel, used for multiple products and transportation construction.

Classification of materials produced by source



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